Metal Detailing

Wood, glass and varying types of stone have traditionally been the most common materials used in home design and exteriors. While these materials provide a great variety of options, we’re always on the hunt for emerging trends in the world of construction and architecture.

We’ve noticed many of our favourite innovators in the industry incorporating metal detailing in their designs, whether it be on a large scale exterior or as interior accents. We’re big fans of this new trend, which offers a whole new selection of textures and aesthetics.

The most appealing part about incorporating metals into design is that they all have uniquely different appearances and effects. Whether you choose to incorporate metal as an accent or use it for a full on facade, it opens up a whole range of new options for a truly unique and contemporary looking aesthetic. Depending on your desired effect, metals can be left in their natural state or oxidized to build a rusted look over time. Alternatively, some prefer to coat metal in paint or other finishes for a more subtle textural difference. Here are a few architectural design projects we’ve come across that showcase an interesting variety of metal applications.

The perforated metal used to create Architecture 00’s metal-clad community building in Sheffield creates a really interesting layer of texture and dimension. Perforated metal can also eventually serve as a framework for climbing plants.

We spotted this interesting architectural project using COR-TEN steel while out in Vancouver, BC. This is a corrosion-resistant, weathering steel that when left uncoated, develops an outer layer patina with a rust-like appearance over time. We’ve been seeing this material used more and more in contemporary projects.

This modern staircase railing is a really sleek example of different types of metals being used together to a create unique interior detail.

The “Kensington Lighthouse” by Tandem Design Studio in Melbourne features an exterior shell clad in a lightweight metal skin of dark grey and deep blue corrugated metal. This industrial look creates a really cool juxtaposition to the warm wood used throughout the rest of the design. Loving those oversized bolts too!

This impressive modern home design incorporates many types of metal throughout, from structural to design elements.

Some designs use metal to create functional features as well, such as this innovative folding floor to door boathouse design.

Sometimes, it’s just for the look! This gold brass ribbon detail creates a really neat aesthetic feature.

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