Product of the Month: AviProtek Bird Friendly Glass

Due to its transparent and reflective nature, glass causes a major threat to birds, particularly in metropolitan cities. Glass collisions are quickly becoming the primary cause of bird mortality across North America. In response to this problem, an increasingly popular new trend has emerged- commonly known as Bird Friendly Glass.

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Birds can’t distinguish between a reflection of vegetation and the real thing, so they will commonly fly head first into a reflective pane of glass thinking they are approaching a tree. Sadly, they only need to be a few feet away for the collision to be fatal. These collision fatalities occur year-round, threatening the bird population at large.

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Bird Safe glass provides a simple solution to making buildings more bird-friendly, and an integral step towards preserving bird wildlife. According to Walker Glass, the following properties must be present in oder for a glass surface to effectively avoid bird collisions:

  • Visual markers for birds should be on the outside surface of the glass as they can be seen from all angles and in varied exterior conditions.
  • The geometry and spacing of the visual markers is also essential- two inches or less of horizontal space or four inches or less of vertical space should be left untreated.


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Walker Glass’s suite of “AviProtek” glass solutions offers options that not only meet bird-friendly criteria, but combine them with architectural design and solar performance targets.

University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, SK)

Maurice Richard Arena (Montreal, QC)

Going Bird-Friendly? Check out Walker Glass’s selection of Bird-Friendly glazing options on their website.

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