The 2018 TOOLBX Retreat!

At TOOLBX, we strive to foster great relationships not only with our customers but with our team as well. With the rapid growth we’ve been experiencing over the past few months, we felt it was important to escape the madness and head north for a team building retreat with our growing team of TOOLBX members.

At our Muskoka retreat, we had a blast getting to know each member of our crew on a more personal level. Having a dynamic team of individuals with different strengths and educational backgrounds has enabled us to meet customer needs as well as our own in-house needs, from an administrative to a customer service level. From team building exercises to a little healthy competition during our TOOLBX customized games and contests, we focused on strengthening our core values, building team spirit, strategizing and, of course, our North Star- the TOOLBX customer service experience. Overall, we gave our hard-working team a well-deserved break from the daily grind, and let loose for a little fun and bonding time.

Here are some behind the scenes pics from the 2018 TOOLBX Retreat!

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